„Behave in a way as if the principle of your operation was a generally applicable law”.


The aim of the Code of Ethics of P.W. „EBUD” – PRZEMYSŁÓWKA SP. Z O.O. is a formation of a proper culture and ethical principles of life, including especially work culture inside the Company and between the Company and its partners.
The Company’s Code of Ethics consists mainly of main principles of conduct of workers with regard to, in a broad sense, professional and social ethics, which guarantees the completion of a Company’s mission and realization of its visions and developmental strategies, as well as Customers and, widely understood, stake holders’ satisfaction. The Code was prepared on the basis of generally acceptable principles of community life.
The recommendations included are not able to predict all possible issues and dilemmas which may occur in everyday work, owing to the fact, one finds there only general and basic principles of conduct related to the fields of professional activities which influence the company’s operation.
Workers should refer to their internal code of ethics and ethical and moral principles originated in the homes, environments and their philosophy of life in the case of matters not governed by the Code. The Code’s Regulations apply to all people employed with P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o., on each level of company’s organizational hierarchy, notwithstanding the position one occupies.
All Workers shall respect and obey the Code of Ethic’s Regulations, and any infringements shall result in using preventive and corrective measures.

Our mission

The mission of P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o. is to assure a stable development of the company and meet the requirements of our Customers through maintaining a high level of quality of construction services as well as all related operations.

Our vision

Our vision is to establish and reinforce our good position on the market as a trustworthy, focused on a customer and reliable business partner, one who cares about their Customers and the projects under construction.. We would like to be distinguished by the provided services of the highest quality in our branch, both on our market and the international one.

Our values:
  • satisfaction of a Customer
  • Engagement
  • Honesty, reliability and transparency
  • Professionalism at work
  • Confidence and cooperation
  • Privacy related to commercially sensitive information
  • Engagement in social ideas
  • Safety as for Company’s operations
I. General ethical principles in force in P.W. „Ebud” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o.
Honesty in business

Both the Board and the Workers of P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o. are aware of the fact that one finds ethical factors as the most vital ones which create, among others, the image of the company. P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o. does not use unethical and illegal business practices. We know and believe that obeying the ethics in business guarantees high competitive position and strengthens the Company’s reputation. We do care about our relations with Contractors, Customers and, as for competition, we do our best to make the relations honest and based on fair play principle. We make an appeal to our Partners to support with us the rules of fair economic competition and condemn all forms of dishonest and illegal practices used for gaining undue benefits.

II. Liabilities to Investors and Investment Partners

Satisfaction of a Customer is a superior value for us.

High quality of Customer service

1. We try to meet all the expectations of our Customers within the potential we have, to provide them with a maximum satisfaction resulting from the services we offer.
2. We declare the quickest service of a Customer in compliance with a dialogue basis, and always look for better possible solutions for the Customer’s benefit.
3. We avoid the words and behaviours commonly thought to be tactless, impolite, and mannerless and in a conflict with good manners.
4. When performing a contract we do our best to do it on time and in a proper way.
5. We always keep the promises, both the contractual ones and the verbal ones. We show the respect to our Partners through our perfect discipline of work, one which is characterised by punctuality, promptness and high quality of our services.
6. We admit when we are wrong and try to repair it as quickly as possible. We try to correct all the mistakes and faults. We draw conclusions from the mistakes we make and do our best not to make it second time in future.
7. Our Customers are entitled to receive full information on our services, offers, conditions of service completion and all the circumstances which influence the performance of contract and mutual relations.


1. We inform our Customers on our services in a way it does not betray their confidence in us and we do not take any advantage out of the lack of experience and knowledge of our Customers.
2. The contracts we conclude with our Customers are always in compliance with our current possibilities and acceptable standards.
Confidentiality of information
1. As far as the relations with our Customers are concerned, we care about full confidentiality related to the scope of cooperation with a Customer, and obey privacy policy of all information we receive from all the Customers we cooperate with.

III. Liabilities to our Workers

One of the basic sources of stability and success of our Company is obeying ethical principles at the workplace. We support the principle that beneficial climate at workplace, which we care about, leads to strong bonds of Workers with the Company and makes the actions more effective.

Equal opportunities of all Workers

1. In accordance with objective assessment criteria of the Workers, being in force in P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o., all the Workers are treated equally with regard to employment conditions, and have equal chances to promotions and trainings which rise their professional qualifications, notwithstanding age, sex, marital status, nationality, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, political point of view.

Relationships of Workers

1. Relationships of Workers should be characterised by good manners, honesty, loyalty, reliability and respect, including the one of human dignity notwithstanding the positions they have.
2. In the Company P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o. no form of harassment, oppression, and humiliation shall be accepted, and each Worker of the Company is obliged to condemn and report all the behaviours which are not in compliance with social norms being in force.

Examples of proper behaviours of Workers

We jointly create partner relationshipss during the fulfilment of our tasks. We are open-minded and friendly towards our co-workers. We keep promises in order to be reliable. We effectively help one another through sharing our knowledge and information.
1. We create an atmosphere when expressing our opinion in an open and direct way. Each opinion is valuable.
2. We treat one another in a way we would like to be treated.
3. We appreciate the real authors of success and achievements, and we do not take the credit of other persons.
4. We try to settle the disputes amicably and respect the opinions of others. Our likes and dislikes do not effect our duties.
5. We share the knowledge and professional experience with other Workers.
6. We appreciate and respect the knowledge, experience, qualifications, and opinions of other Workers.
7. We jointly take care of work atmosphere, one based on the principles of ethics and high personal etiquette, which makes our operations more effective.
8. We care about good interpersonal relations, obey generally accepted principles of proper behaviour and respect of human rights.
9. We aim at agreeable cooperation and elimination of disputes when working in a team.
10. When being in a stressful situation we try to control our feelings and be professional.
11. We are not afraid of expressing our criticism and accepting it as a way to improve our operations.

IV. Liabilities of Workers to the Company
Law, principles, and regulations compliance

1. Workers act according to law and order principle, use procedures resulting from generally applicable regulations and the Company’s internal ones.
2. Workers fulfil their duties with special care and in compliance with applicable regulations focusing on the Company’s interests.
3. Workers do not disclose the information which belongs to the Company in the case when its disclosure could infringe upon the Company’s interest or would be contrary to mandatory regulations of Law.

Protection of information

1. The Company’s Workers shall assure the highest degree of care in order to protect the information they received during their service.
2. Workers shall obey the regulations related to the protection of information with regard to the prices, cooperation conditions and any other data the disclosure of which would infringe the interest of P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o., of our Customers, Partners, and Suppliers or mandatory regulations of law.
3. During their employment, as well as after its termination Workers are obliged to keep secret all confidential information obtained during their work at P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o. o. and protect the information from unauthorised access and usage.

Competition and fair labour practices

It is forbidden to run a competitive business activities in the Company, especially to cooperate with competitive to the Company firms of which interests interfere with the interests of P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o.
Overuse of equipment, property, and time of the Company
Workers shall use the Company’s property given to them (among others: cars, telephones, computers, office space) exclusively for their professional purposes – according to the regulations defined by the Company.


Workers shall use their professional licences only for achieving the objectives their licences were intended to.


Workers shall take care of the property, image, and good name of the Company and its Workers exercising due diligence.

V. Liabilities to Partners and Suppliers

1. P.W. „EBUD” – Przemysłówka Sp. z o.o. endeavours to keep and develop good relations with its Contractors, Suppliers, and Business Partners.
2. When selecting goods and services Workers shall follow, above all, price and quality criteria, and opt for admitting a possibly wide range of competitive companies.
3. Workers shall base their relations with one another on trust.
4. Workers shall obey the principle of reliability as for fulfilling their duties.

VI. Examples of security questions

In a situation when we are unsure of our further performance we may ask ourselves the following questions:
Is it legal?
Does it infringe the Company’s policy?
Is it compliant with the Company’s values?
Is it fair and clear?
How would I feel if I did it?
What would my family think about it?
What does the newspaper say about it?
Would I sleep well after doing it?
What would I say to my children about it?

VII. Conclusion

We create our business relations in accordance with the above stated principles, and our workers follow them at work.